Grain Receiving Locations:


Almena - Receives wet/dry soybeans, wet/dry corn, rye, spring wheat, and winter wheat


 Cameron - Receives dry soybeans and wet/dry corn 


Elk Mound - Receives dry soybeans and wet/dry corn 


Rice Lake - Receives dry soybeans, dry corn, oats, and barley 


Ridgeland - Receives dry soybeans and wet/dry corn 


Buying or Selling Grain? 

Please Contact Jerry Bates at 715-357-3650 or 715-418-0139

For selling grain you can also make offers on our grain offer system.  



Contract Types we offer:


Cash- Grain sold at time of delivery.


Grain Bank- Grain stored for future sale or feed use.


Fixed Price- Grain priced before delivery at a specified price and time of delivery.


Futures Fixed (HTA)- Grain that only has the futures locked. Basis to be set prior to delivery. Minimum 5000 bu. Fees apply


Basis- Grain that only has the basis locked. Futures to be locked before delivery.


Delayed Price- Grain that the Coop takes ownership of and is sold by July 31st. Fees apply.


Minimum Price- Locks in a base price with potential participation in a rally. Fees apply.


Direct-Ship- Grain that is priced to be picked-up from farm to a specific terminal.


Deferred Payment- Grain that has been sold but producer chooses not to be paid until a later date.



GRAIN PRICES: Many of you are wondering about the grain prices each day….It's easy!
just go to our Cash Bid's Icon to the left and sign up for a password and then you can see our Synergy prices daily. You are also able to check the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) prices on our home page these are updated approximately every 10 minutes.    

ONLINE GRAIN BIDS:  IT IS HERE!   You can bid right now here on the computer!  And it is easy!!   Just click on the MAKE OFFER area by the grain you are looking to sell and make your offer to sell.  It can be accepted without the phone call and waiting that many of you may have experienced in the past.    It may be accepted conditionally based on the terms you put in, but it will then contact our Grain department and should help keep the process way more efficient. 
 Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have questions, or for information regarding our Grain storage and services. 

Grain Policy
Grain Discount Schedules

Grain Locations

394 US Hwy 8 East
Almena, WI  
Grain Shack 715-357-6064
2031 13 - 12 1/2 Ave
Cameron, WI  54822
Grain Shack 715-458-2676
201 Railroad St
Ridgeland, WI 54763 
Office 715-949-1160
Grain Shack 715-949-1612
Elk Mound
N6055 State Rd 40
Elk Mound, WI 54739
715-879-5454 Ext. 212
Grain Shack After Hours 715-619-1277
Rice Lake 
203 W Eau Claire St
Rice Lake, WI 54868
Office and Grain 715-234-2461
Grain Manager:  Jerry Bates