Spot Loads

Unpriced grain received before 1:00pm will be priced at the market closing price that day.

Unpriced grain received after 1:00pm, or on days the market is closed, will be priced at the market closing price the next day the market is open.


Grain Quality

Please be advised we are not able to accept grain with any ice or snow in it. Thank you in advance for your understanding



Only dry grain is accepted in Rice Lake.  Corn at or below 14.5% moisture, and soybeans at or below 13% moisture.

Wheat must be sold at delivery; either forward contracted or spot price.  Grain Bank is not an available option.


Updated Grain Policy and Discount Schdules

Please see below links for our latest Grain Policy and Discount Schedules.

Grain Policy
Grain Discount Schedules


Breakeven Bushels Calculator Tool - Working Excel Spreadsheet (Click Here)


Grain Merchandizing

Grain Types We Handle:

Almena - Receives wet/dry soybeans, wet/dry corn, 

spring wheat (HRS), and winter wheat (SRW)


Cameron - Receives dry soybeans and wet/dry corn 


Ridgeland - Receives dry soybeans and wet/dry corn  


Elk Mound - Receives dry soybeans, wet/dry corn, and oats 


Rice Lake - Receives dry soybeans, dry corn, and oats 



Contract Types We Offer:

Cash- Grain sold at time of delivery.


Grain Bank - Grain stored for future sale or feed use.


Fixed Price - Grain priced before delivery at a specified price and delivery period.


HTA (Hedge to Arrive) - Grain that only has the futures set, basis to be set prior to delivery.

Requires 1000 bushel or 5000 bushel increments. Fees apply.


Basis - Grain that only has the basis set, futures to be set before delivery.


Delayed Price - Grain that Synergy takes ownership of and must

be priced by July 31st. Fees apply.


Deferred Payment - Grain that has been sold but producer chooses to not

be paid until a later date within six months of the contract.


Sales Contract - Grain purchased from Synergy for personal or feed use. 

Pricing dependent on frieght, delivery period, and location. 500 bu contract minimum.


Please contact Alex Sedivy at the Cameron Office
with any questions: 715-949-0012



Buying or Selling?

Please contact Alex Sedivy at 715-949-0012.

Grain can also be sold on our Synergy Grain App as well as orders placed for target offers. Once a target offer is entered, it will work tirelessly until the offer fills, sometime overnight when you are sleeping!  Remember, target offers can be changed or cancelled anytime if it has not yet filled or expired.


Many of you are wondering about the grain prices each day….It's easy!
Clink HERE for current grain bids.  These bids are updated every 10 minutes based on the CBOT.   
Cash bids for each location are available on our app as well.


Download the Synergy Grain App Today!

Additionally, the Synergy Grain App allows visibility to past settlements, scale tickets, grain bank balance and more!  Check it out today.  Available for both Apple and Android in your app store.



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